This is not a time for heroes.

The game is set in Malentir Vale, a loose collection of villages and towns surrounded by forest and mountains. While the villages and towns are civilised areas home to many different races, journeying even a few metres beyond their walls is fraught with danger and peril. Marauding warbands of orcs and gnolls, cruel goblin tribes and monsters of legend battle for supremacy against each other and those unfortunate enough to get caught in the middle.

Malentir Vale is not alone in its dangers, whether it be the desert people of Valesia in their endless war against the Scarab King, the adventuring mecca Bael Kalith unearthing demonic hordes or the Empire of Nerath’s futile attempts to reclaim what has been lost – all over the world, the civilised races good and evil alike are being choked of life – there is no hope, only a slow falling of light to the darkening chaos.

This is not a time for heroes, but for survivors, not a time for heroics but for vengeance and slaughter. The world will soon fall, but not while you still draw breath. The vampire lord will die beneath your mailed foot and the orc wachief to your arcane fire. When the hordes descend they will find you dead upon a mountain of their slain, when the darkness falls they will need to pry your hands from the dead dragon’s throat.


Rage against the dying of the light.

You are not your magic weapons and armor. You are not your spells and powers. You are not how much gold you have, or how many times you’ve been raised from the dead. When a Big Bad Demon snaps your sword in two, you do not cry because that was your holy avenger. You leap onto its back, climb up to its head, and punch it in the eye, then get a new damn sword off the next hobgoblin you headbutt to death.

Welcome to the Malentir Vale.

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The Malentir Vale