Character Creation

Below are answers to the more common questions concerning character creation, when developing your character please visit the link below.

Creating A Character For Malentir Vale

All races are allowed.

Please see the following for specific information regarding the different races.

All allowed.

For a full listing please see this link.

Playtest characters such as the Monk from Dragon Magazine are also allowable.

Hybrid classes are also allowed – for those of you that do not know hybrid classes are a different form of multi-classing (some would argue a more “pure” form), if you are not familiar with the Hybrid rules please let me know and I will provide the details.

Allowed Books
All are allowed.

Generating Ability Scores
Standard Array, Point Buy (22) or Rolling 4D6 and keeping top 3 are all acceptable.

You can only choose one method of generating ability scores.

The “standard” deities from the Player’s Guide exist, however if you have a specific type of god you are looking for there is also room for new additions to the cosmology. There is also a handful of new gods that have already been created for this campaign, Baradon, a minor dwarven diety of battle is one of these.

Character Hooks
Here are a list of possible character hooks you can use when developing your character concept.

Character Creation

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