Character Hooks

Sent by your order/noble you have arrived in Malenter Vale to investigate rumours of <xxxxx>. Like all areas in these dark times you will need to integrate yourself with the towns and overcome their suspicion of outsiders in order to gain their confidence so you can complete your mission.

Times have been tough for your family, whether it be a small mining venture, trading house or a once great noble family that has fell on hard times and needed the assistance of another party to help them through the tough days. Unfortunately, the streak of bad luck continues and unless you can raise the funds soon, your family may face complete ruin (or worse!). Turning to the life of an adventurer you hope to raise your family name (or business) to the heights it belongs.

You have been sent to the Malentir Vale to lay the groundwork and feed back information to your homelands. When the moment of truth comes will your loyalty lay to your masters or the friends and people of the Vale?

My Sword, Squire!
Eye of Newt, Spider’s Leg
Family Man
The Eager Student
You have longed to join this knightly order, now that you have learnt the rudiments of your chosen profession, you are ready to petition for membership.
You have longed to join this guild of magi, secret society or dark coven of warlocks. Now, through long study and great sacrifice you are ready to petition for membership.
Silent steps and unseen deeds have lead you to this brotherhood, the life of crime is the only way for you. You must first prove your worthiness in order to be accepted to these masters of the night.
Whether it be a swordsman of great skill or mage of dark powers, you long to serve this person so you may to one day share a part of their greatness.

Vengeance Will Be Mine! (Person, Group, Organisation)
Foul Beast! Yours Days Are Numbered!
A slain family member, an ancient heirloom or bloody vendetta, you have sworn you will see the end of the Blood Cult of Shara-Ti, Vragul the Lich or the white dragon Frostflame.

Mixed Heritage
Can it be true? Does the dark blood run through your veins?

The Chosen One
As you reached adulthood, your parents revealed the secret truth. You are not their child at all, one dark night, amongst arcane symbols, evil words of power and bloodcurdling screams you were to be dedicated as the Chosen One for some dark purpose. Saved by a wandering band of warriors you were dropped on the couples doorstep and they have raised you as their own.

Court Intrigue – Erathon
Court Intrigue – Court of the Green Lady
While battle or words of magic excite you, nothing gets your blood racing like the intrigues of the Court of the Green Lady or the nobles of Erathon. Secret agreements behind velvet curtains, the fall of your rival, the affection of the beautiful ladies that frequent the halls of the powerful, this is what you live for.

Character Hooks

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