Creating A Character For Malentir Vale

A character is much more than just a class and race, the following are some tools and resources to help you more fully flesh out your character.

Character Concept
A character concept is a baseline idea of what you want your character to be – it’s what you use to develop the rest of the character, every step in the creation process should be driven by this concept.

Look through the information provided here to give you some fuel for idea.

When choosing a race begin to think of how this ties in to the setting and your character concept.

The entries here provide a basis for how each race fits within the setting and may give you some ideas for your character.

Classes are more than just the powers you use in combat.

As a divine class or player with strong religious beliefs you may speak directly with your deity and his emissaries. You will be able to discover long lost relics of saints and true believers. Convert heathen shrines in the name of your god and build up congregations of the true faith.

As a warlock your powers come as the result of a direct deal with another power, how will you serve this power? For an infernal warlock in what way will your player be drawn into machinations of the Abyss?

Wizards and other arcane classes have the opportunity to track down spell books of powerful mages and uncover items of great power.

Think about what your class is about and how this ties in to your character concept. The character drives the class, not the other way around.

Character Goals
Finally think about your character goals, why is he adventuring? Why is he in a party? What does he hope to achieve?

Goals can be very specific such as “kill the black knight who murdered my brother” or general “earn as much money as possible to buy back the family business”.

Goals tie in to your character concept and explain why your player is in the setting.

Character Creation Example
For how this all ties in together please check out this example.

If you have any questions during the creation process please feel free to ask.

Creating A Character For Malentir Vale

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