Heroes and Villains of the Land

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The Malentir Vale



The above are legends of the Malentir Vale, occassionaly the deeds of men and creatures reach lands far from their origin. Below is a small collection of monsters of such legends from lands beyond the Vale:

Lord Vistal
His name is cursed by all good creatures of the Feywild, this vampire mage was responsible for the destruction of a number of Eladrin cities, including Harnessiel, home to some of the greatest Eladrin artists in existance and the monastic order sworn to protect them.

Even the Fomorians give Vistal a wide range, it is feared by many that a new conquest is just around the corner.

Prathlixx of Khalidan
The Great Sphinx – worshipped by the once great human empire of Kalidan he now guards over the ruins of the capital city Kaldora, mourning the loss of his civilization. The Elements of Valesia have sent many adventurers into the depths of these great pyramids in search of the secrets of the great mages of Kalidan to assist in the war against the Scarab King, none are yet to return.

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Zzithek and Gathriel
Two rival warlocks, items mentioned in Items of Power, Gathriel banished Zzithek to the Abyss for 101 years, on his return it is said he destroyed Gathriel.

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Heroes and Villains of the Land

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