Items of Power

Hammer of Thol-Kargoth “The Forgehammer”
Thol-Kargoth (Sea Halls) was a dwarven fortress built on a rocky island that was long ago lost to Sahuagin and their allies. The hammer wielded by the Thane of this fortress has appeared in and out of Dwarvish history over the years and is always named for the fortress that last wielded it. The hammer is said to be a shadow of its former self due to the loss of its master and was believed lost until recent rumours of its return swept the dwarven kingdom. The last known whereabouts of the hammer is said to be within the Malentir Vale itself but so far this claim has been unsubstantiated.

Claws of the Vargyr
Also known as Darthiel’s Claws for the elf ranger who was first seen wielding one. These long thin swords are said to be the claws of the many-armed Vargyr a wolf monster from the Far Realm.

The Assorted Items of Mage Kalazor
Kalazor was one of the twelve Mages that sat on the Council of Wizards in long lost Spyte. Specializing in powers of destruction, illusion and teleprotation many of his items are believed to be located within the Vale, the House of Cambion is particuarly interested in news of these objects.

The Axes of Baradon
Named for the minor Dwarven diety of battle, these five axes were blessed in the Templefortress by the god himself and gifted to warriors in the second taking of Stoneanvil. Most of them were lost in the battle as their champions were overcome by the Chaos Dwarves and their machines. The Fists of Baradon in particular have sworn their recovery at all costs.

Pacts of Zzithek
Belonging to the master of infernal magicks the drow warlock Zzithek, this book is believed to describe the secrets he learnt during his 101 years in the Abyssal layer.

The Promise of Gathriel
This scroll is said to be written by Zzithek’s nemisis, the elf warlock Gathriel (known to some as the Star Mage), inscribed upon its demon skin pages is believed to be the key to her defeat of the drow infernalist.

“Leechdrinker” in the Eladrin tongue – created by feywild smiths in response to Lord Vistal’s hordes and especially enchanted against vampires and the undead – in a cruel twist this blade drains the unlife from its opponents and restores it to the user.

Everpass Key
Stolen by the Forever Traveller, a halfling adventurer that wanders the Planes, it is said this key is capable of opening any lock.

Many more to come.

Items of Power

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