Societies Orders Pacts

House of Cambion
Based in Erathon they are the most prominent mage guild in Malentir Vale, marked by their golden robes they are primarily concerned with securing magical items of all kinds.

The Coven of Tarkul
Female dwarf warlocks who arrived recently in Thol Kargok, by all accounts these wise women are kind hearted and generous – far at odds with the dark powers they call upon. When not helping the people of the fortress they are said to be constantly searching for the location of some place or person which brought them to the Vale in the first place.

Scales of Bahamut
This knightly order dedicated to the precepts of Bahamut reside in a chapterhouse that lies 2 days north of Whitestone. Predominately dragonborn, these knights patrol the Vale to bring the evil to justice and oppose the plans of Tiamat.

The Sapphire Way
Members of the Sapphire Way are noted by the wands tipped by sapphire each of them carry. Naming wizards, warlocks and the occassional rogue amongst their number, those that follow the Way are said to follow a secret code that focuses on individual power (need to think more about these)

War Academy of Kel-Garoth
Deep within the forests of the Greensong lays the War Academy of Kel-Garoth, where warleaders and battle captains discuss the most efficient forms of warfare. Pouring over texts of tactics and troop placement, the Greensong elves and eladrin of the Green Lady learn how to bring defeat to their opponents. A similar academy has been built in Erathon where promising soldiers are developed into Captains for the ever growing armed force of the town.

The Dalamai
Identified by their black headscarves secured by circlets of pure gold the appearance of a single member of The Dalamai is met with both fear and relief. While these masters of arts, martial, arcane and stealth have been known to kill over something as trivial as a persons shadow crossing theirs, they are the first to unleash their devastating power to protect an innocent or a town under attack. Not much is known what goes on behind the cloth that conceals their faces but it is said they make their home in dark places not of this world. Behind closed doors it is said for the right amount of residiuum The Dalamai will kill anyone. – definately better written – just want to get across that they are known as assassins

Knights of the Pale
Grandmaster Dieter the Ghoulbane formed this knightly order centuries ago in order to combat the undead forces headed by the dread archmage Nargorak. The Pale Crusades were the only reason the world is not covered in undead this day. While Nargorak has been defeated this proud knightly order lives on, swearing to bring final rest to all undead.

Baradon’s Fist
Baradon’s Fist is a small dwarven military order devoted to the minor dwarven deity Baradon – God of Battle. Assisting in the defence of Thol-Kargok and the surrounding lands Baradon’s Fist are also trying to secure the Five Axe’s of Baradon, magical items of power blessed in the Templefortress by the god himself to assist the Stoneanvil’s in the taking of the fortress. During the numerous battles most of these axes were lost, it is a matter of great import to the order that these are recovered.

Lorekeeper Arnak Spellhammer is the preeminent authority on all matters arcane for the dwarves of Thol-Kargok. Encased in rune covered blue plate armour and wielding the great hammer Marigel, Arnak is a powerful war mage who many apprentice mages call master. While most of his students are Stoneanvil’s it is not unknown for hopeful mages of other races to knock upon the great doors of Axehold in the hope of studying under the ancient dwarf.

Wyldwizards of Malia and the Way of the Icy Hand
Paying service (and studying under) a great Feywild power known as The Malia, these eladrin pyromancers are known as much for their violent and fiery natures as their impressive displays of fire magic. Competition between fellow Wyldwizards is as well known as their rivalry with the frost Mages of the Icy Hand. Despite their personal shortcomings they have proven their worth time and time again to the good people of the Feywild, their scorching pyrostorms ending many a conflict before they even began.

Feyknights of Elarel
Swearing their lives to the protection of Elarel, these noble warriors are reknown throughout the Feywild for their feats of courage and bravery performed in service to their Green Lady. Ferocious in battle with their signature swords of crystal, the feyknights are responsible for bringing an end to many a fomorian beast or great Feywild terror. Their reputation for claiming victims of another kind off the battlefield is also well known, with many an eladrin maiden helpless to resist the honourable and chivalrous demeanour of these embodiments of the noble knight.

Other groups
Throughout the Vale and beyond there is countless other minor mage guilds, military orders and communities that serve much darker purposes.

Societies Orders Pacts

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