The Lands Beyond the Vale

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The Vale is only a small part of the world, below are a short descriptions of some of the known lands.

To the far east lie the desert sands of Valesia and its white towered capital of Bardi Valesia. A cruel land where those with psionic powers are revered as gods and masters by the lesser people, it is ravaged by constant attacks led by a being known as the Scarab King. Only the psionic skills of the people of the Mindlord and giant elemental constructs their warriors pilot prevent the three cities known as the Elements from falling.

Bael Kalith
While Bael Turath is the most infamous of tiefling cities, it was far from the only settlement where demonic hordes poured from to do battle with the dragon led empire of Arkhosia. Bael Kalith was one such city, believed lost to the destruction of war its ruins have been discovered in recent times. A magnet to adventurers seeking glory and tieflings searching for a piece of their heritage a small township has grown on its ruins funded in part by the Empire of Nerath whose borders are within a days rides of the ruined city. The Empire now regulates expeditions into the depths of Bael Kalith, fearful that some of the darker powers might be unleashed upon the land, interested parties must apply for licenses to delve down in the hope of uncovering long lost treasures.

The Mountainhomes
speak about the Templefortress, and a couple throw away lines on two or three other major fortresses including the lost fortress that the hammer came from.- also maybe a brief word on the Chaos Dwarves main citadel

Sargoisan Marshlands
This is where the lizardmen and dragonborn are fighting near the Vale, Zargl the Swampchief also inhabits this land.

Dwarven merchant/pirate city, a lot of trade and numerous dwarven and other pirates.

The Bloodjungles of Tariss-Mos

Empire of Nerath
speak a word or two on the forest of XXXX that borders parts of the empire where the king of the elves lived – unmarried looking for a wife. Also took about the bloodspheres

Some of the other human cities including overlight.

Former home of the Council of Wizards now destroyed.

The Hornrealms
Minotaur homelands.

Make it clear they serve under a black dragon

Stained Peaks Mining area, home to Vorgar before he came to Whitestone.

The Lands Beyond the Vale

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